Design Award

Maduro Mongui Library


A foundation,  in memory of Salomon (Mongui) Abraham Levy Maduro,  and carrying his name, Maduro Mongui Library was established on March 5, 1974 by his widow Mrs. Rachel Louise (Lou) L. Maduro and their daughter Mrs. Ena Dankmeijer­‐Maduro.  An Advisory Board and a Board of Directors were  appointed to ensure compliance with the Foundation’s core business and its continuity.

The Foundation encompasses the plantation house “Rooi Catootje”, its antique furniture and its priceless library, containing a unique collection of“Antilliana” and “Judaica”.  It was Mr. Maduro’s desire to make his valuable collection available to the public. His heirs, upon recommendation of Mrs. Daphne van Schendel­‐Labega, took it upon themselves to ensure the continuation of the collection. The resulting library, now housed in the Ena Dankmeijer­‐Maduro Pavilion allows the public to share its contents as a reference collection, as well as maintaining “Rooi Catootje” as a historical monument. In 2010  the new building opened and was designed by 2 architects; Lyongo Juliana & Cees Den Heijer, Cees also took care of the interior design. LOT1038 supplied the Mosa tiles for the roof and the outdoor stairs. In the boardroom we placed 2 pieces of the 70cm Light Shade Shades from Mooi. The boardroom armchairs are called “La Fonda” from Vitra. The office desks and cabinets are from Castelijn, the office chairs are the Thin S18 & s19 from La Palma, an Italian top supplier in chairs and barstools.