Design Award


Curaçao | 2013 | Jan Thiel | Architect: Henk Bolivar | Interior design: LOT1038

Lenzo is the brand new lounge & sports bar, situated at the Jan Thiel Bay facing the relaxing sea, the pool and the beautiful beach. They opened their doors in May 2013. The owner requested to create a warm and cosy bar, where people can eat, drink, watch sports and relax like feeling in your own living room.

One of the eye catchers is the bar which is based on a rugby ball, cut in half. The material that is used for the sides of the bar is leather, this to create the rugby & sports feeling and image. The other and more funny eye catcher is the Horse Lamp, designed by “Front” for Moooi, waiting to welcome the guest @ the bar entrance. The building exists out of various parts. 2 of them are on the indoor part called entresol and the vide. The entresol is at the 1st floor, you enter it by the metal stairs with wooden steps. The colourful blue billiard is situated on that level. We used spectacular lighting from Moooi; 3 pieces of the Mistral Fan-light & the 5 Raimond round LED lights in different sizes installed playfully at various heights. The vide is the open space which you see from the entresol lightened by the Dutch brand Moooi, in this case the Non-Random light in black. Under the entresol is the “living room”; we placed the leather Replay couch, accompanied by the Cloud chair from Diesel/Moroso, to watch the sports in the most relaxing possible way or to read a magazine taken out of the Oblique Small from Moooi. Besides the space inside, Lenzo also has a lot of outdoor space where we situated the terrace of course. We used special material for the furnishing so it can resist the Caribbean weather situation. On the terrace we placed the Natal Alu sofa’s & armchairs from the Belgium outdoor supplier Tribu. The black in heights adjustable barstools are called Giro and produced by the Italian company LaPalma.