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Mosa Tiles

MOSA Tiles | Several large projects every year

Several large projects every year.

LOT1038 is the exclusive distributor of Mosa tiles in the Caribbean. Mosa is the number 1 tile for the islands. Large projects like Boca Gentil, Madero Ocean Club, and Hato Airport have Mosa tiles because of their beauty and durability.

At Mosa, they have a passion for ceramics. For over 130 years, they have been manufacturing tiles using the purest materials and the magic of innovative Dutch design. By embracing the Cradle to Cradle philosophy and being committed to offering the best support, Mosa enables their clients around the globe to create signature buildings that last. Mosa tiles enrich walls, floors, facades, and terraces of private, commercial, and public interiors and exteriors in over 50 countries across four continents.

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